Fertilizer & Supplement Advisory Committee  (FSAC) is a not-for-profit organization, run by a Board of Directors of volunteer members, all of whom are actively involved in the regulatory approval process for fertilizer and supplement products.

The purpose of FSAC is to help ensure the efficient operation of the Canadian regulatory process for the benefit of the regulated parties and the regulatory agency.


The mission of FSAC is to provide advice from its members to Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Fertilizer Safety Section on the regulation of fertilizers and fertilizer supplements that lead to a regulatory environment that, while meeting the requirements of The Fertilizers Act, does not create a hurdle to the introduction of beneficial new products for end users.


FSAC was brought into being over 15 months, in 2018-19 by a volunteer Steering Committee consisting of twelve regulatory professionals, from a broad range of fertilizer & supplements companies.  New members willing to contribute to the objectives and development of the organization were welcome to join the committee.

The main responsibility of the volunteer Steering Committee was to

  • Oversee the efficient operation of the organization
  • Establish new Working Groups in response to specific needs identified by industry or the regulators
  • Co-ordinate the annual conference using the services of a professional meeting planner, if necessary
  • Assist in the recruitment of new members


FSAC provides a broad based, multi stakeholder forum for the discussion of current and upcoming regulatory issues, in a non-confrontational manner ,with the objective of presenting consensus based reports and advice to Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Fertilizer Safety Section.

We bring regulators together with regulated parties to -present industry positions, hear regulators issues, develop consensus, see results in regulatory policy

We provide broad based consensuses and technical advice and input to the development of new regulatory policy by CFIA Fertilizers Section

We advise on changes to existing regulations which would be of benefit to both industry and CFIA

We act as a sounding board for new regulatory initiatives being considered

We apprise CFIA of new products and technologies in the pipe-line so that appropriate regulations, if necessary, will be in place when the innovative product is ready for the market.  This helps avoid delays in launching the product.

We provide a venue for meaningful dialogue among industry sectors and share experiences, perspectives and views , between members and other interested parties

We engage in discussion with Fertilizer Canada’s Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum to ensure no duplication of effort or conflicts of interest occur.  Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum members are welcome to join CFAP.  In situations where issues of common interest arise, joint Working Groups and other meetings are arranged.


  • All interaction, other than the Annual Meeting, is by teleconference
  • Members identify regulatory issues that they wish CFIA to address  or
  • CFIA requests FSAC members to consider a specific issue(s),
  • We issue an open invitation to FSAC members to join an ad hoc Working Group (WG) to work on the specific issue.  Non members may also join.
  • Each WG is self-organizing and includes a CFIA liaison person.  It will typically complete the work over a 10-12 week period.  More complex regulatory issues may take longer.
  • The WG presents a consensus report, with recommendations, or arrives at a null decision
  • WG Chair circulates report to all FSAC members for comment; final edits made and
  • CFIA considers WG recommendations as part of policy development


Join us and take part of this amazing group of regulatory experts that contribute to the establishment of the regulatory framework for the newest technologically-advanced Fertilizers and Supplements products intended for the Canadian market.


Contact us at: fsac998@gmail.com

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