A one day Annual General Meeting is presented, normally in the winter, in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.  The Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with a CFIA Information Day, where opportunities are available for informal face-to-face meetings with CFIA staff.  The FSAC Annual Meeting agenda includes Working Group reports and discussion, a short Business Meeting and other presentations on topics of interest

At the first Annual Meeting in Ottawa January 16 2020 members present (approximately 40) voted to formalize the structure of FSAC as an Ontario not-for-profit corporation, with a board of five or more members, elected by the membership.

The Business Meeting incorporated in the Annual Meeting, includes a report on significant activities during the year, a Financial Report, nomination & Election of Officers and any other business raised by the members.


Join us and take part of this amazing group of regulatory experts that contribute to the establishment of the regulatory framework for the newest technologically-advanced Fertilizers and Supplements products intended for the Canadian market.


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