CFIA Fertilizer Safety Section is inviting all regulatory professionals to attend a CFIA webinar on July 12th at 11.00 am on the broadened interpretation of what constitutes a “Supplement” and whether additional products will in future be included as Supplements and require registration

This broadened interpretation of the definition of a “supplement” will in future include most products that act either directly or indirectly to improve the physical condition of soils, or to aid plant growth or improve crop yield.

This change in policy has implications for the regulated sector, particularly for products that were previously deemed exempt from registration.  Certain previously exempt products will in future be regulated and proponents may need to apply for registration

The webinar is intended to initiate a dialogue with regulated parties regarding possible implementation strategies for regulation of materials that are now considered Supplements.  Such options are required to be realistic, feasible and cost-effective for regulated parties while respecting the CFIA’s commitment to a safe, fair and equitable marketplace.

FSAC encourages all members to attend the webinar to discuss and make input to CFIA on this topic, which will have a significant impact on the Canadian fertilizer industry, particularly in companies that have not previously needed to submit applications for approval of products.

Below is the CFIA’s invitation to join the webinar including the MS Teams details and an agenda. The document also describes the background and drivers for this change in regulatory policy.

Please plan to participate in this important webinar!


Peter McCann  Executive Director
Fertilizers & Supplements Advisory Committee