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Master Plant-Prod Inc.

The company has been in business since 1945 manufacturing high quality soluble fertilizers for growers of high value crops, including the horticultural industry, greenhouse vegetables and other growers with demanding requirements. Plant-Prod fertilizers are sold around the world. In the United States they are sold under the Plantex brand name.

Monty’s Plant Food Company

Monty’s Plant Food Company has been pioneering advancements in the soil enhancement product manufacturing industry since 1997. Founded by Montrose “Monty” Justice,” an avid and award-winning gardener with a zest for life and an inquisitive character, Monty’s products are developed to be the best quality plant food on the market

Novozymes BioAg Ltd.

BioAg is a line of business within Novozymes the world leader in bioinnovation. Our vision is to use microbial-based solutions to help the world’s farmers produce more and better food, feed, fuel, and fibre while minimizing the environmental footprint of production agriculture.

NurtiAg Ltd.

NutriAg believes the form of the nutrient makes all the difference for plant uptake and crop utilization. We offer a wide range of solutions created from the highest quality ingredients.

Omex Agriculture Inc.

OMEX is celebrating 40 years of existence servicing the specialty fertilizer market in over 65 countries. Our products are innovative and developed based on an in-depth understanding of the science of soil, seed and crop nutrition. They undergo rigorous testing for performance, safety, efficacy and compatibility.

Plant Products

For more than 75 years Plant Products has been a full service supplier of fertilizer, pest control products, seeds and other consumable goods to the greenhouse, turf, nursery and specialty horticulture industries in Canada and the USA.

PremierTech Inc.

Creating sustainable solutions to help feed the growing global population and beautify the world we live in: this is what we are all about. We work to improve crop performance by bringing life back into the soils. Our distinctive solutions incorporating biostimulants and biocontrols enrich soils and fortify plants in an ecologically responsible manner.

Professor Don Smith

Dr Smith’s research interests are in the area of crop eco-physiology. They can be broken down into several specific areas of activity. One of these is the use of signal compounds to improve legume nitrogen fixation under environmental conditions inhibitory to symbiosis development.

Responsible Distribution Canada

Responsible Distribution is a management system for the safe handling of chemicals for the chemical distribution industry in Canada.  This program is driven by a Code of Practice that has been written and approved by the membership of RDC.

Shannon Burnett Regulatory Consulting

Label specialist for Pesticide and Fertilizer products, PMRA and CFIA Dossier Preparation and Management, OPAC Classification, Pesticide Formulation Amendments, Pesticide Label Amendments, Pesticide Re-evaluations and Renewals, PMRA Minor Use Registration support with Provincial Minor Use Coordinators, PMRA Emergency Use Registrations

Sungrow Horticulture

Sun Gro® Horticulture is one of the most prominent North American horticultural companies, employing over 800 staff and serving customers worldwide.


SynergyAG is a retail chain of crop input stores that are 100% Western Canadian Owned. Our focus is on branded products of Seed Genetics, Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition, Agronomy Services and Agronomic Solutions.


Part of the farming community since 1973, TerraLink first took root as a fertilizer supplier under the name Coast Agri Crop Supplies. TerraLink Horticulture Inc is a leading manufacturer and retailer of crop input products in Western Canada. We provide farmers, production managers and professional growers with a wide range of fertilizers, seeds, crop protection products, growing media and hard goods.

Verdesian Life Sciences

We believe that supplying healthy water and soil for the next generation is just as important as supplying efficient nutrients for every crop farmers grow. For us, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.


Acadian Seaplants Limited
Advanced Nutrients
Allied Nutrients
AllTech Crop Science
BASF Canada
Bayer Canada Crop Sc.
BioLine Corp
Consilium Compliance
FB Sciences
Floratine /TT Tech
Fox Farm Fertilizer Co CA
Frit Industries
Hydrofarm Inc/GreenStar
McGill University
Monty’s Plant Food
Northern Great Plains
Novozymes BioAg
Nutrien Inc
Omex Canada
Plant Products
Responsible Distribution Canada
Sungrow Horticulture
Syngenta Canada
Verdesian Life Sciences
Woolwhich Bio-En Inc


Join us and take part of this amazing group of regulatory experts that contribute to the establishment of the regulatory framework for the newest technologically-advanced Fertilizers and Supplements products intended for the Canadian market.


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