CFIA Fertilizer Safety Section currently has four policy initiatives underway

  1. Potential Over-Formulation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Fertilizers sold or imported into Canada
  2. Broadened interpretation of the definition of a Supplement & implications for the regulated sector
  3. Process and procedures for making changes to the List of Primary Fertilizers and Supplement Materials
  4. Registrations of dual property products (with PMRA)

FSAC has formed Working Groups of members to gather and develop industry input to three of the four policy issues, and to liaise with CFIA Fertilizer Safety Section on them.

Below is background information on each of the four topics.

If you have questions, or need further information on any of these topics, please contact Peter McCann, Executive Director, FSAC @ who will refer your inquiry to the appropriate person.

  1. CFIA Letter on Over-Formulation of N & P (May 18 )
  2. CFIA Letter :  Options for implementing the  Broadened interpretation of the definition of a Supplement June 24)
  3. Webinar deck Making Changes to the List of Materials  (Nov 17) ; FSAC WG minutes Nov 4
  4. Dual Purpose Products   inaugural meeting notes (Feb 10)
  5. CFIA Program initiative Map