Retail Industry Takes a Seat at the Discussion Table

CAAR was proud to represent retailers during three days of meetings on the future of registration, regulation and use of fertilizer products in Canada.

Mitch Rezansoff, executive director of CAAR, attended the annual Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Information Day, held in conjunction with Fertilizer Canada’s Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum and, new in 2020, the first annual meeting of the Fertilizer & Supplement Advisory Committee (FSAC).

The meetings took place from Jan. 14-16 in Ottawa. Rezansoff says each session provided valuable updates on the work of regulators and industry associations, along with a closer look at the changing nature of fertilizer products themselves.

“The next generation of fertilizer is not fertilizer at all,” says Rezansoff. “There were many discussions about grey areas; biostimulants, enhancers, biologicals and microbes. These products are supplements that create a reaction in the plant, but they are not traditional fertilizers.”